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Data Science from scratch
21 Mar

Data Science from scratch

Data science is an interdisciplinary knowledge about the extraction of knowledge and awareness of data sets. Information science is based on a combination of different topics and is based on the foundations and methods available in various scientific fields.

Some of these areas are mathematics, statistics, data engineering, pattern recognition, etc. The purpose of this science is to extract the concept of data and produce data-driven products. In 2012, Thomas Dunaport and DJ Potley, in the paper Science, "The Most Engaging Job of the 21st Century," define data science professionals: those who know how to find out the mass of unstructured information that answers business questions. In 2013, Stanton defined data science as "data science", an emerging field that collects, prepares, analyzes, visualizes, manages and stores high-volume information. Driscoll defines data science in 2014 as data science civil engineering data. The data scientist has applied knowledge of data and tools, as well as a theoretical understanding of what is scientifically possible.

This book describes the basics and principles of data science from the outset while attempting to carefully elaborate on the most complex scientific principles in the simplest form.

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