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Fuzzy Logic
21 Mar

Fuzzy Logic

The fuzzy logic first appeared in the new computing scene for the first time to set up the theory of fuzzy sets by Professor Lotfizadeh (1965). The fuzzy term is false, fuzzy, inaccurate.

The fuzzy logic transcends the logic of the "zero and one" values of classical software and opens a new door to the world of computer science and computers since it uses and floats the space between zero and one in logic and argument itself. The fuzzy logic of the space between the two values is "go" or "do not go", new values "maybe we go" or "go if we" or even "is likely to go" extracts and uses. Thus, for example, after looking at a business account of a businessman, a banker can go beyond the "loan" or "lend" logic and say: "We give a loan if ..." or "we do not give a loan, but ....".

This book deals with a thorough study of the basics of fuzzy logic and its applications in various sciences, which tried to accurately and easily address the issues in the field of writing in this area.

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